The Anzac 6014-2

AS/400 Printers with a difference!

The Anzac 6014-2 offers IBM's Mid Range users 1,400 line per minute performance in a quiet, compact package. Designed for medium duty printing needs up to 150,000 pages per month, the Anzac 6014 is the perfect printer for removing those end of month printing bottlenecks forever!

Winning features in more detail:

Duty Cycle. Magnum Graphics.
Rated for 150,000 pages per month, the Anzac 6014-2 is designed to take care of those large print jobs all month long, and put in that special effort for end-of-month. The Anzac 6014-2 has Code V Magnum support for bar codes, box drawing and large character printing included as a standard feature.
Very high speed printing. Simple forms loading.
1,400 lines per minute for high speed 10 character per inch draft. 850 lines per minute for compressed 15 character per inch printing. Whether it is those big end of month print runs, or those emergency end of day shipping documents, the Anzac 6014-2 quietly delivers. When new forms are loaded, the perforation is advanced to a marker, and automatically moved backwards to true top of form at the press of a single button, with no other adjustments. No more complicated set-up when changing forms.
View and Align for easy forms alignment. Small footprint.
At any time, the operator can view the current print line simply by taking the printer off-line and pressing the "View" key on the front panel. Taking less floor space than the IBM 5225 or IBM 4234, the Anzac 6014-2 leaves more room for you and your other needs.


Staff Benefits. Anzac support and maintenace.
Keeping good staff happy means giving them the right tools. The Anzac 6014-2 reduces staff stress levels by both reducing noise levels in the office and delivering printed output faster for those tight schedules. Long known for its outstanding maintenance and support operation, Anzac staff are no further than an 800 call away from solving your problems. Ask around, and don't be surprised at the good things you hear. Anzac is the printer supplier of choice for many of the world's largest companies because of the excellent long term support Anzac provides.

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