The Anzac 2330-2 & 2331-2

AS/400 Printers with a difference!

The Anzac 2320-2 & 2321-2 are rugged, economical desktop printers for IBM's Mid Range environment, attaching via twinaxial or twisted pair cabling to IBM's Systems 3X and AS/400 computers. Simple to operate, and very compact, the Anzac 2320-2 & 2321-2 are a favorite printer for those locations where computer expertise is at a premium, such as warehouses or remote offices.
Easy paper loading.
Clip in ribbons
Standard paper loading is from the back of the printer. Simply place the stationery in the push tractors, and the Anzac 2320-2 & 2321-2 will autoload to top of form at the flick of a lever. For heavier multi-part stationery, a pull tractor option is available, which offers a straight paper path through the printer. For clean-hand ribbon changes in seconds, the Anzac 2320-2 & 2321-2 printers have the cleanest ribbon change of any printer ever built. The ribbon cartridge is an automatic re-inking ribbon, with a three million character life.
Paper path options.
Noise level.
The Anzac 2320-2 & 2321-2 also support single sheet insertion. Press the "Park" button to park the continuous stationery, move the paper path lever to single sheet, and you are ready for single sheet insertion. At 52dB(A), the Anzac 2320-2 & 2321-2 printers are among the quietest in the business. Create a pleasant work environment for all the staff with whisper-quiet printing.
Bar Codes.
Anzac support and maintenace.
The Anzac 2320-2 & 2321-2 print sixteen different bar codes, including POSTNET. These are printed using AAPF, Anzac's high level plain text language, which is compatible across Anzac's dot matrix and laser printers. Same command, same result.
Long known for its outstanding maintenance and support operation, Anzac staff are no further than an 800 call away from solving your problems. Ask around, and don't be surprised at the good things you hear. Anzac is the printer supplier of choice for many of the world's largest companies because of the excellent long term support Anzac provides.

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