Since the early 1980's, IBM has made firm statements of direction that the future of wide area network printing will be based around IPDS, IBM's proprietary printer protocol. Already a standard for IBM Mainframe users, it is now becoming the standard for AS/400 users.

Most users are simply baffled by the whole IPDS "thang". If you are stil baffled after a good browse here, please call me. Feedback is very much appreciated by Richard Hamilton - Gibbs (me), who can be contacted at, or (800) 537-5577. If you have a contribution to the education section, I would be happy to publish it. Thanks in advance. -Richard

IPDS Education, History and Practice

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about IPDS, but were afraid to ask. From the history, to useful programming tips. Anzac has helped many first-time IPDS users through the difficulty of implementing IPDS printers and moving to a wonderful new world of graphics and text management. Definitely worth a browse, even for experienced IPDS users.

Anzac IPDS Product Range and Special Features


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