The Anzac IPDS printers.

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High speed console impact printers

Non-Impact printers (LASER, LED and Electron Beam Imaging)

Thermal and Thermal Transfer Label Printers

The Anzac IPDS technical library

IPDS design overview:
The Anzac perspective Design objectives and actual achievement in the IPDS project.

IPDS with QMS Code V Magnum emulation:
IBM can offer you Magnum support, or IPDS support. Anzac has incorporated both into both impact and non impact printers. This document gives you a summary of the Magnum commands, and how to write generic Magnum code

Imaging support on impact printers:
Anzac has implemented the IOCA tower of IPDS on matrix printers for two reasons. First, to bring the commonality of features of non-impact and impact IPDS closer together, and second, just to demonstrate our technical superiority. Ask anyone.




Anzac desk top printers start where the IBM 4230 range leave off. If you need superior performance, but are not prepared for the costs or space required by large IBM console printers, then Anzac's 23XX range printers perform up to 650% faster than the IBM 4230. If you need superior features, Anzac desk tops offer: paper handling for up to 10 part forms; two independent paper paths; clean hands 15 second ribbon changes; even IPDS and a simultaneous Magnum Code V emulation option amongst their extended capabilities

  Anzac 2330i & 2331i

  Anzac 2550i





The cross-over alternative to the IBM 6408 and 6412, Anzac shuttle printers offer such features as simultaneous support for both IPDS and Magnum Code V, with an additional parallel port for intelligent printer sharing. Six printers in all, ranging in speed from 800 to a true 1,400 lines per minute, with paper handling features that include zero tear!

  Anzac 6014i & 6080i

  Anzac 6114i

  Anzac 6140i & 6180i




Thermal and thermal transfer technology from 2 to 12 inches per second. For high volume, professional label printing on materials ranging from paper to polyester. Support for industry standard label printing software, as well as custom applications.

4108i & 4112i

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