The Anzac 4040
AS/400 Printers with a difference!


The Anzac 4040 is a dedicated label printer which will print high resolution labels on virtually any surface at 360 inches per minute. With direct twinax attachment for ISM Mid Range Systems (AS/400, 36 and 38) it offers a choice of either direct thermal or thermal transfer printing. This versatile, compact desktop printer labels by the thousands on demand.

Winning features in more detail:

The Anzac 4000 series printers have only one moving part: the paper feed roller. The printheads are solid state, and have an expected life of over 1,500,000 linear inches. As a result, the Anzac 4000 series are the most reliable way of producing mass quantities of labels.
Application cost.
The Anzac 4000 series are very fast, inexpensive printers. As a result, the cost of labels and ribbons for a single year can easily cost five times as much as the printer! Very small savings in label and ribbon costs can more than pay for the printer. Talk to Anzac for quality, low cost vendors of the kind of labels you require.
Designed for operation in a production environment, the Anzac 4040 has been constructed with non-computer staff in mind. Stationery loading and unloading are simple, and the control panel has been rationalized to avoid intimidating novice users.
The Anzac 4040 is programmed using a simple, plain text language. New label designs only take minutes, and can be designed either using a word processor, such as Office Vision, or using an RPG program with merged data. Very complex labels can be constructed very easily which print text, bar codes reverse print and boxes in mixed orientations.
Direct Thermal printing.
Thermal labels require no ribbon or other consumables: the entire image develops on the label as a result of a thermal process, which is similar to fax printing, but substantially more durable. Thermal labels have an archive life which ranges from as little as two weeks in tropical sunlight to as much as five years in a normal indoor environment. The label material is a special thermal paper, and the process is most commonly used for labels which have a limited life expectancy, such as address labels, or inventory labeling.
Twinax, with both parallel and serial sharing.
The Anzac 4040 can be shared with other computer systems using the Intelligent Share feature, which allows simultaneous attachment to the IBM Mid Range system via twinax, and concurrent sharing with other computer systems which use RS 232 serial or Centronics parallel connection. All connections are intelligently monitored by the Anzac controller to ensure data integrity.
Thermal Transfer Printing.
Thermal transfer printing uses a mylar ribbon with a special coating, and any standard label stock. The image is transferred to the label by heat-sealing the special coating on to the label surface. Labels can be made from almost any material: just a few examples are paper, cardboard, plastic, polyester, plasticized aluminum or metal. The resulting image is very permanent, and labels printed on polyester have an expected life outdoors of over twenty years.
Anzac support and maintenance.
Long known for its outstanding maintenance and support operation, Anzac staff are no further than an 800 call away from solving your problems. Ask around, and don't be surprised at the good things you hear. Anzac is the printer supplier of choice for many of the world's largest companies because of the excellent long term support Anzac provides.


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