Installing new cabling?
Having problems with old cabling?
Moving printers around the building and having problems at the new location?
Aren't sure where the problems are?


The Anzac Mini/400 is your personal hand-held AS/400 for testing both peripherals and cabling systems. Simply attach the Anzac Mini/400 to any twinax printer or workstation, and press a single button to automatically run diagnostics. At a glance the workstation or printer will display the test results, either locally or at the end of a long cable run.


Resolving IPDS Software Issues.
While IPDS is a very comprehensive printer command language, it is never fully implemented, even in IBM printers. In comparison with PCL5, where every PCL5 emulation has a complete implementation of every PCL5 command, IBM allows for partial implementation of IPDS. So a manufacturer can claim to support the IPDS Bar Code Tower (BCOCA) while only printing a code 3 of 9 bar code in portrait orientation, where the entire BCOCA Tower encompasses many bar code symbologies in 0, 90 180 and 270 degree orientations. The Mini/400 resolves all confusion by interrogating the printer, and then printing a detailed report of the capabilities of the printer. No more software glitches.

Printer, workstation, and cabling diagnostics.
At the press of a single button, you can test an isolated printer or workstation from the twinax connector to the printhead or screen. Or test an entire cabling subsystem by communicating with twinax printers and workstations through lightning protectors, in passive or active twisted pair environments, or standard twinax cabling to ensure that your cabling systems have integrity.


Printer Communication Diagnostics.
The Anzac Mini/400 automatically detects the printer type. If the printer supports SCS, it prints a barber pole pattern. Any shifting in the pattern indicates data loss. If the printer supports IPDS, the diagnostics prints an IPDS bar code, followed by a barber pole pattern. The test completes with a listing of every IPDS object in every IPDS tower that the printer can support, instantly identifying software driver problems.

Real bidirectional communications.
The Anzac Mini/400 uses interactive bidirectional communication just like a real AS/400. Where passive cable testers fail to detect cabling problems, the Anzac Mini/400 will show these errors immediately in the printout on the target printer.

With a single red/green LED to indicate communication and date status, and a single button to activate the tester, the Anzac Mini/400 is simplicity itself.

Cost Effective.
Priced at only $895, the Anzac Mini/400 is a small investment which pays big dividends in time savings on cable installations and printer problem diagnosis.

Work Station Communication Diagnostics.
The Anzac Mini/400 sends a barber pole pattern, which is displayed on the target workstation

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