FormSprint is a completely integrated package for implementing laser graphics and fonts into any AS/400 application. Check printing (including the MICR font line), company logos, invoices packing slips, or any special form can be generated at the full rated speed of the laser printer with an absolutely minimal programming effort. Simple to install, easy to use, and the most efficient forms overlay package on the market translates to faster applications development and less CPU usage than any alternative.

In more detail:

Overall Design Philosophy
FormSprint was designed to provide full laser printer support for the AS/400 in combination with a user interface that accommodates the casual user as well as the computer professional. Its use can be totally transparent to the application user, with no changes required to the application program. Or, it can be used with its own interface and database system to fill out ad hoc forms.
Special Features
FormSprint is not just another forms package that downloads a form to the printer and then overlays a spool file. Rather, FormSprint uses the spool file as an input source, and processes the input according to special merge instructions. This capability permits total control over fonts, rearrangement of the data rows or columns, and introduction of bar codes, all without modifying the original application program.

For applications that do not already produce report spool files, FormSprint supports input from a simple intermediary file. The intermediary file is far easier to produce than a fully formatted spool file, thereby saving considerable programmer time when new reports are to be added. FormSprint does all the formatting.

For forms that do not require a database, FormSprint automatically creates its own data base and data entry screens. Ad hoc forms can therefore be produced easily and quickly with no programming support whatsoever.

FormSprint supports a full range of graphics, including barcodes and scanned graphics. ICS provides scanning support or software to assist users in scanning their own graphics. Barcodes are generated by the print stream rather than from a font to ensure accurate scaling.

Form Design
The form, or the instructions used to merge and format the input data with graphics, is defined interactively on the AS/400. No PC is required, thereby eliminating any hassle with uploading and downloading data. Simple data entry tables are used rather than WYSIWYG, since our studies show that entry tables provide faster and more accurate results, particularly for complex forms or when forms are copied from existing preprinted forms.

Word processing type text editing features are included to facilitate entry of extended text and permit automatic text centering and justification.

Forms Management
FormSprint includes built-in security to ensure that forms cannot be modified by unauthorized personnel, and to ensure that forms are only used by those properly authorized. Import/Export software is provided for easily moving form definitions from one site to another.
Printer Support
FormSprint supports HP-compatible printers with Printer Control Language (PCL) levels 3 or above. The PCL language in combination with macros for page formats and graphics provides the smallest possible data stream to the printer, resulting in higher performance and less system resource utilization. The use of printers that also support PC's results in a wide variety of purchase options at highly competitive price.
Program Interface and Performance Management
To provide totally seamless integration with existing applications, FormSprint creates any number of virtual printer queues, each associated with a physical printer and a FormSprint processor. The only requirement for users to obtain FormSprint processing is to redirect the output spool file to the virtual printer associated with their physical printer.

FormSprint includes performance management control software to ensure that FormSprint processing is balanced with other resource utilization. The program automatically establishes a subsystem and then creates virtual print queues on the basis of user input. The priority and time slice levels of the FormSprint processors associated with each of the print queues can be easily established from the FormSprint screens for system balancing.

Program Enhancements and Customer Support
The name "Integrated Custom Software" is not just a name. We believe in providing fully integrated packages, rather than collections of utilities, and we believe in including custom enhancements so that our software fully meets the needs of our customers. The result is satisfied customers and a constantly growing software base. Custom modifications with general value are included at no cost, while custom modifications of unique value will be quoted on a fixed price basis.

ICS provides quality defect correction at no charge. An enhanced support program is available for hot-line instruction and technical support. The enhanced support also includes periodic software updates.

In addition, ICS will prepare form definitions and scanned graphics at nominal charges.

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